About the film

Hassan, a funeral poet, is going through writers block. Sitting at his desk in a small cramped room with his girlfriend lying on a mattress he leaves for some ‘air’- instead he drifts and deviates into much more including an endless procession of chewing gum, a rotund Hungarian ‘delivery man’ and a sexy Russian woman. Hassan’s journey has a metaphysical aspect to it and life in this surreal world is focused on the strange work, anxiety and humour that hovers over death.

Cast & Crew

Written & Directed by Kaz Rahman
Produced by Kaz Rahman and Chu, Li-Yun
Cinematography by Yuan-Chung Hsu
Music & Sound Mixing by Marcus Quin
Piano Compositions by Hédi Hurban
Editing by Chu, Li-Yun
Featuring: Husain Naqvi, Ted Hurban and Katia Ustinova


Kaz Rahman - Writer/ Director/ Producer
Kaz Rahman is an artist and filmmaker. His work has screened or exhibited at venues such as Anthology Film Archives, National Film Board of Canada, Andy Warhol Museum and The San Jose Museum of Art. He is the writer/ director/ producer of two feature films; Salaat (2010) 'revolves around the five Muslim prayers' and is currently being broadcast on Turkish TV and Deccani Souls (2012) 'a mystical journey that weaves characters through the portentous streets, cafes and chaos of Hyderabad' and was an official selection at the 2012 Three Rivers Film Festival. Both films have played across India and have been featured in The Times of India, The Hindu and The Indian Express. He has a BFA in Visual Arts from York University, Toronto and an MFA in Media Arts (writing/directing) from City College (CUNY), New York City.

Chu, Li-Yun - Producer/ Editor
Chu, Li-Yun received her BA from Tamkang University, Taipei and her MFA in Media Arts from City College (CUNY), New York City. She has made several experimental shorts and currently works in Taipei.

Husain Naqvi - Actor ("Hassan")
H.M. Naqvi is the award-winning author of Home Boy. He has worked in the financial services industry, run a slam venue, and taught creative writing at Boston University. He has received the DSC Prize for South Asian Literature, the Phelam Prize for poetry, and has participated in the Brooklyn Book Festival, the Jaipur Literature Festival, Art Dubai, Lollapalooza, and the IWP residency at the University of Iowa. Ensconced in Karachi, H.M. Naqvi is working on his second novel.

Technical Info

Year: 2002
Country: Canada/ USA
Running Time: 40 minutes
Language: English
Sub-titles: English
Shooting Format: 16mm/ 1.33:1



Critical Acclaim

Special Jury Award at Cityvisions Festival, New York (2002)
"When was the last time you saw a film about a Funeral Poet?"
-National Post

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TV Feature


February 23rd-25th, 2007Karimnagar, IndiaNational Short and Documentary FestivalFestival Screening
July 26th-29th, 2005Peterborough, CanadaCinema 379Theatrical Run
April 28th, 2005Budapest, HungaryKultiplexSpecial Screening
April 20th, 2005Budapest, HungaryFerenvàrosi Muvelodési HàzSpecial Screening
March 11th, 2005Hyderabad, IndiaState Gallery of Fine ArtsSpecial Screening
February 11th, 2005Hyderabad, IndiaAlliance FrançaiseSpecial Screening
June 14th, 2004Hyderabad, IndiaHyderabad Film ClubIndia Premiere
January 17th, 2004Toronto, CanadaNFB CinemaCanada Premiere
May 7th, 2003New York, USAAnthology Film ArchivesSpecial Screening
March 27th & April 4th, 2003Peterborough, CanadaBata Film TheatreSpecial Screening
February 26th- March 1st, 2003Manila, PhilippineseKsperim(e)nto Film and Video FestivalFestival Screening
May 29th, 2002New York, USACityvisionsFestival Screening