About the Film

Deccani Souls is a mystical journey that begins with Hamza wandering through a strange landscape of assorted debris in the winter snow-scape. He 'dreams' of another place and time- Hyderabad.

In Hyderabad Babu works for the government as a 'census' collector - he acts as a kind of door-to-door salesman and initiates elaborate conversations in order to get people to sign away the forgotten yet painful history of 1948 and 'Operation Polo'. Meanwhile the Urdu poet Siddiq struggles with writer's block as he navigates the history and pulse of the Deccan looking for a lost essay his grandfather wrote decades earlier. They each weave through the portentous streets, cafes and chaos of Hyderabad trying to make sense of this magically tragic city.

Deccani Souls was shot on location in Hyderabad and Bidar as well as in Canada. The film's themes include dreams, memory and emigration and a specific undercurrent of the story is the invasion of Hyderabad State back in 1948.

Cast & Crew

Written, Produced & Directed by Kaz Rahman
Featuring: M A Siddiq, Sathya Bhama, H K S Babu, Mr Sultan and Mr Syed
Music by Hédi Hurban
Cinematography and Editing by Kaz Rahman


Kaz Rahman - Writer/ Director/ Producer
Kaz Rahman is an artist and filmmaker. His work has screened or exhibited at venues such as Anthology Film Archives, National Film Board of Canada, Andy Warhol Museum and The San Jose Museum of Art. He is the writer/ director/ producer of two feature films; Salaat (2010) 'revolves around the five Muslim prayers' and is currently being broadcast on Turkish TV and Deccani Souls (2012) 'a mystical journey that weaves characters through the portentous streets, cafes and chaos of Hyderabad' and was an official selection at the 2012 Three Rivers Film Festival. Both films have played across India and have been featured in The Times of India, The Hindu and The Indian Express. He has a BFA in Visual Arts from York University, Toronto and an MFA in Media Arts (writing/directing) from City College (CUNY), New York City.

Hédi Hurban - Music/ Sound Design
Hédi Hurban was born in Toronto, Canada and studied Visual Arts at York University (BFA 1997). She has lived in Budapest, Hungary (1997-99) and Hyderabad, India (2004-07) and contributed vocals in Hungarian on 'Dead Body' and in Urdu and English on 'Deccani Souls'. Hédi's work as sound designer on 'Salaat' and 'Deccani Souls' includes original compositions for the film using a mix of ambient and traditional instruments.

M. A. Siddiq - Actor ("Siddiq")
M. A. Siddiq has a BA in Persian from The Nizam College, Hyderabad. He started writing poetry at age 15 in Urdu and Persian and is currently working on a collection of his poems. He wrote the Persian-Urdu poem "Deccan ka Zawal" which features in 'Deccani Souls'.

Technical Info

Year: 2012
Country: Canada/ India/ USA
Running Time: 106 minutes
Language: Urdu, English
Sub-titles: English
Shooting Format: HD Video/ 16:9



Critical Acclaim

"Mr. Rahman's film leaves the audience asking more questions and looking inward with greater reverence for all the layers we know and are yet to discover that make up our identities."
-Sana Qutubuddin, Daily Sabah

"A wistful perspective to the feel-good city, the film seeks to bridge the present with the past, to narrate a forgotten story in a surreal format."
-Staff Reporter, The Hindu

"Bir lkeye, topraa, eve bal olma hissi yetkin bir ekilde Tarkovskinin Nostalghiasnda grselletirilirken, bu filmde de benzer bir duyarlln ziyadesiyle yer aldn, artk bir hayalet duyguya dnm olan Haydarabad nizamlnn sanal varln her eye ramen srdrdn gryoruz."
-Ihsan Kabil, Star Gazette

"Bringing out the lost culture of the Nawabi City"
-Swati Sharma, The New Indian Express

"Deccani Souls represents a history of violence and displacement that many Muslim citizens endured in Hyderabad 65 years ago; it also raises many questions about their role in India today- a symbolic return to a place that, for many, was once called home."
-Andres Tapia-Urzua, Projectorhead Magazine

"Rahman's film tells us that the superimposition is also the tool to depict a midwinter fever-dream or memories - because as memories go, when they rain, it's a downpour. "-Anuj Malhotra, Floating Zoetropes

"…Deccani Souls offers wonderful in depth symbolism about the complexities of dreams and one's place in the world…" -Kamila Sych

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November 20th, 2014Istanbul, TurkeyBoğaziçi Film FestivalFestival Screening
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September 17th, 2013Hyderabad, IndiaUniversity of HyderabadSpecial Screening
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September 21st, 2012Hyderabad, IndiaMaulana Azad Urdu UniversitySpecial Screening
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August 30th, 2012Hyderabad, IndiaIndira Priyadarshini AuditoriumIndia Premiere
August 28th, 2012Hyderabad, IndiaPress Club of HyderabadPress Preview
August, 6th, 2012Calicut, IndiaCalicut UniversitySpecial Screening
August 4th, 2012Thrissur, IndiaSt. Thomas CollegeSpecial Screening
August 3rd, 2012Cochin, IndiaCochin Film SocietySpecial Screening
July 24th, 2012New Delhi, IndiaTransmissions Film FestivalFestival Screening
June 14th, 2012Pittsburgh, USAHollywood TheatreNorth America Premiere
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