Hassan, a funeral poet, is going through writers block. Sitting at his desk in a small cramped room with his girlfriend lying on a mattress he leaves for some ‘air’- instead he drifts and deviates into other happenings, including but not limited to an endless procession of gum-chewing, an encounter with a rotund Hungarian ‘delivery man’ and a sexy Russian woman. Hassan’s journey has a metaphysical aspect to it and life in this surreal world is focused on the strange work, anxiety and humour that hovers over death.

USA / Canada 2002 – 40 minutes – 16mm


YEAR : 2002
MUSIC : Marcus Quin and Hédi Hurban
EDITOR : Li-Yun Chu
FEATURING : H.M. Naqvi, Ted Hurban and Katia Ustinova




‘Smooth Operator’ – Trent Radio: Live Interview and Coverage of Dead Body Film 
Peterborough, Canada (July 25, 2005)

‘Bollywood Boulevard’- OMNI 2 TV: Interview with Co-Producer Li-Yun Chu and Coverage/Clip of Dead Body Film
Broadcast | Canada (January 18, 19, 23, 2004)

‘Frameline’- CKLN Radio: Live Interview and Coverage of Dead Body Film
Toronto, Canada (January 16, 2004)


Dead Body at Cinema 379
Peterborough Examiner (English) | Peterborough, Canada (July 25, 2005)

Dead Body
Tough Drum, No. 8 (English) | Peterborough, Canada (July, 2005)

An Ode to Hyderabad
The Times of India | Hyderabad, India (June 28, 2004)

In The Limelight – Past Fascinates Rehman
Deccan Chronicle | Hyderabad, India (June 16, 2004)

…Mani Ratnam’s Films
The Hindu | Hyderabad, India (June 14, 2004)

Death Poet Society
National Post | Toronto, Canada (January 15, 2004)

More Information

Full Cast (in order of appearance)

Hassan: H.M. Naqvi (as Husain Naqvi)

Laszlo: Ted Hurban       

Sveta: Katia Ustinova    

Girlfriend: Jean Burns   

Dead Body: E.F. Morrill 

Funeral Party- Man: Oleg Lyubomudrov            

Funeral Party- Woman: Barbara Danicka           

Funeral Party- Teenage Girl: Olga Bel (as Olga Denoi)

Funeral Party- Mid-Aged Man: Alexsandr Staritsin                     

Funeral Party- Grandmother: Anna-Maria Gottfried                   

Restaurant Girl / Fountain Girl: Li-Yun Chu


Producers: Kaz Rahman and Chu, Li-Yun

Assistant Director: Chu, Li-Yun

Sound Mixer: Marcus Quin

Editor: Chu, Li-Yun       

Production Manager: Josh Bar-Lev

Costume Designer: Hedi Hurban

Cinematographer: Yuan-Chung Hsu

Assistant Camera: Hyeon Kim, Ki-man Kim

2nd Assistant Camera/Grip: Chul-Hyun Ahn, Mohammed Alam, Vince Chaung, Bong-Han Kim, Yi-Fang Wang

Still Photographer: Chu, Li-Yun

P.A.: Yusuke Miyazawa


Music Composer/Design: Marcus Quin

Piano Compositions: Hedi Hurban

‘Rozsa Rozsa’ Vocals: Hedi Hurban

Special Thanks

Mohammed Rahman, Elizabeth Rahman, Sara Rahman

Jerry Carlson, Lana Lin

Peter Tza and Oriental Kitchen in Staten Island

Dominic Tarantino- The Washington Cemetery

Henry Holman- Gryphon Bookshop

Shot on Location in Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island

Produced at the Department of Media and Communication Arts The City College of New York

In Memoriam Oleg Lyubomudrov (1969-2002)

Selected Screenings

National Short and Documentary Film Festival- Karimnagar, India (2007)

Cinema 379- Peterborough, Canada (2005)

Kultiplex- Budapest, Hungary (2005)

Ferencvàrosi Muvelodési Hàz- Budapest, Hungary (2005)

State Gallery of Fine Arts- Hyderabad, India (2005)

Alliance Francaise- Hyderabad, India (2005)

Hyderabad Film Club at Sarathi Studios Theatre- Hyderabad, India (2004)

National Film Board of Canada- Toronto, Canada (2004)

Anthology Film Archives- New York City, USA (2003)

Bata Film Theatre at Trent University- Peterborough, Canada (2003)

eKsperim(e)nto Film and Video Festival- Manilla, Philippines and travelled to Iloilo, Davao, Cebu, Naga,

Quezon (Philippines) (2003)

Cityvisions at Clearview 59th St. East Cinema- New York City, USA (2002)