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Rebeldes Baseball

The Rebeldes team consists of players from the Dominican Republic, the Philippines, Romania, England and other countries who through different professional and personal routes have found themselves living, working and playing baseball in Taunton and other cities in the South West, UK. Led by charismatic star pitcher Miguel Sanchez this talented team must play all their games on the road (Bristol) and soon face adversity against other opponents as well as their own emotional turmoil.

Much has been written about baseball from dramatic prose in short stories to famous commentaries of important games to nostalgic depictions in cinema. It continues to be a sport that lends itself to the symbolic and expressive poetics of a game- reflecting more than a game but an element of life itself. Rebeldes Baseball reflects this through a memorable season of competitive baseball in England in the summer of 2020 with a dramatic pursuit of a championship. The documentary is constructed through a mix of verité-style footage, game coverage and more traditional interviews throughout the season. This is a ‘Reggaeton’ twist to the eternally optimistic summer of baseball set against the looming black cloud of a pandemic.

UK 2023 – English and Spanish with English sub-titles – HD Video / 16:9

YEAR : 2023
DIRECTOR : Kaz Rahman
MUSIC : Hedi Hurban
CINEMATOGRAPHER : Kaz Rahman and others
EDITOR : Barış Çelik
FEATURING : Miguel Sanchez and others